Visually Identify Good Leads from a List of Websites

More Time Selling, Less Time Searching

  • Provide us with a source list, either your own list or a report on BuiltWith
  • Use our interface to quickly eye-ball the websites and additional data
  • Use shortcut keys to put websites into Good Leads or Junk categories
  • Export just the Good Leads

Identifying Web Leads Takes Ages

At the end of the day you're going to eventually need to visit the websites of your leads. Browsing through website after website can take weeks, I know, we used to do it! It's slow, boring and not very productive.

We ran into this time consuming problem ourselves, see our case study -

LeadsEye Customers

Millions of people use BuiltWith, LeadsEye is a new tool from BuiltWith. We use it ourselves to great affect, view the case study.

BuiltWith Pty Ltd - Case Study